Naperville and Lisle Townships Triad

Senior Home Protection

Most of the time, a person at your door will be there for a legitimate reason, whether he/she is a friend or a stranger. If a caller is a recognized friend, there should be no problem. If the caller is a stranger, you should immediately become alert.

NEVER open your door to a stranger. You should have a one-way peephole installed in the door that allows you to see who the caller is. The one-way peephole is inexpensive and easily installed.

A stranger who is legitimately at your door will not object to you being cautious. Establish the caller’s identity and reason for the visit. If he/she refuses to show identification and will not leave, quietly go to the telephone and notify police. If you have a cell phone, take it with you when you go to answer the door.

DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR if you feel uncomfortable. Ask the caller to return in 30 minutes. This will give you sufficient time to contact a friend or relative to be present when the caller returns.